Christine Heacock, M.A.



Christine received her BS in Anthropology from the College of Charleston (2007) and her MA in Anthropology from the College of William and Mary (2013). Her field experience includes work in Cultural Resource Management as well as both prehistoric and historic research sites spanning from Mississippi to Alaska. She previously worked at Montpelier as a laboratory technician where she worked extensively on collections from the South Yard and Dolley's Midden.

Christine's MA thesis focused on a comparison between two middens—trash dumps—at Montpelier that used feasting models and documentary evidence to explore the differences between Madison social engagement through time. Her research interests include gender power dynamics, feasting, elite drinking habits, and consumerism.

Favorite Quote

"There is a secret in life, better than anything a fortune teller can reveal. We all have a great hand in the forming of our own destiny"

— Dolley Madison

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